What Tim & Quinna do for Fun

Quinna and I enjoy a number of outdoor activities. We have a canoe we purchased when first married that has many miles on it. We like camping when we can get away and like to travel in general. Two more expensive hobbies are skiing and SCUBA diving.


While each of us had been in a canoe before, we discovered canoeing together in the Minnesota Boundary Waters. It wasn't too long after that we bought our own canoe. We've canoed around Minneapolis, down the St. Croix (just part of it), and around much of New England. A favorite trip was a week down the Allagash in Maine. For day trips there are the rivers in the Boston area and Cochituate State Park.

Hiking and Camping

Along with discovering our love of canoeing in the Boundary Waters, we also discovered with liked camping together. Our vacations are generally seeing family or camping. (Occasionally we will go to the Caribbean or Europe also; it is nice to escape from the snow and Quinna loves history.) Canoe camping is a favorite since we can bring so much stuff without much effort. But, we also do land based camping. The picture in the header of the web site is from Gros Morne National Park in Canada which was extremely beautiful. For a long weekend, there is Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and the Massachusetts Berkshires. Mount Greylock State Reservation is a favorite in the Berkshires. Closer to home, Callhahn State Park isn't too far from home.


When Quinna was dating Tim, she learned skiing. I don't think there was one evening for Quinna's ski classes at Hyland Hills where the temperature was above 0° F. She was dressed for an arctic expedition, but that still shows dedication for someone who dislikes the cold that much. The first ski vacation we took was to Big Mountain in Montana. We took the train there and the entire trip was a blast.


Many pictures are up at http://www.kodakgallery.com. More recent pictures are on Facebook. Please let Tim know if you would like some links to them.