Religion is very important to both Quinna and Tim, though not the same religion. Tim was raised as a Lutheran and Quinna was raised as a Christian Scientist. Both are convinced their religion is correct (of course, Lutheran really is —Tim).

Tim — Lutheran

Tim is a flavor of Lutheran known as the WELS. They are more conservative a form of Lutheran that believes the Bible is the true word of God. I believe that Christ died for everyone's sins and there is nothing anyone has to do to gain eternal life in Heaven. Jesus Christ took his sins on himself and paid our price for them though he was completely innocent. All who believe in him will be saved. Below are some links if you want to know more.

I would be happy to talk with anyone who would like to know more about what God says. You can contact me via email at:

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Quinna — Christian Science

Christian Science is not to be confused with Scientology. Christian Science was discovered in 1866 by Mary Baker Eddy after a dramatic healing from a fall. She had been reading and studying the Bible to try and understand how Christian healing was possible. You can read more about Christian Science at the Church's web site at Church of Christ, Scientist or join other seekers at

Quinna's brother, Greg, works at the Christian Science Monitor an international daily newspaper. Since its founding it has won several Pulitzers and is highly regarded for its balanced and even reporting.